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This is a flag case I built to hold the flag that was draped over my Grandfathers Casket. He was a World War II vet and had a local honor guard funeral.

I am fairly good at woodworking from my high school shop class days and my Grandmother asked me to build the flag case for her. After searching online for hours, I couldn't come up with something that I liked. I downloaded google sketch up and created a 3D model of what I thought I wanted.

I layed out on paper the size of the case and the pieces I would need to construct it. A neighbor of mine happened to have tons of naturally dried walnut sitting around. We planed it down and the work began.

The struggles with this project came with creating a classic case that would hold my Grandfathers flag but also incorporating memorabilia, such as his Bronze star and ROTC medal, and most importantly the 15 bullet casing shot during his funeral. Angling the case down and getting the glass to line up with all of the inlayed cuts was not easy either.

I finished the flag case in time for the 2 year anniversary of his death and gave it to my grandmother. Hopefully someone here will be able to use my design to create their own custom case for a loved one.

God Bless.



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    You did a fine job. I can tell from looking at your photos that you avoided some of the gremlins that crept into my effort (linked in the Related Instructables on the right side of the page). Your design also avoids the usual 22.5 degree cuts. Very nice!

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    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the compliment. I did avoid the 22.5 degree cuts but I had 47 and 43 degree cuts. The flag when folded measured out to 11 tall and 22 wide. With a 15 inch angle side, it came out to 43 degrees, not the standard 45.

    I did review your instructable as well, just not before I did mine. could have possibly saved myself some trouble had I reviewed it first, but I love the learning experience.

    Had I known some of the experiences I would encounter with my flag case despite all of the planning I did in my mind before making the first cut, I think I would have done a prototype from junk wood. I doubt I will be making additional flag cases, but have been thinking about some jigs that should make the process easier, more precise, and more consistent.

    It is a little disappointing that flag case Instructables do not get more attention. There are a lot of aging veterans and the demand for more flag cases will increase. It is always strange and interesting to see which Instructables gather views and/or become featured and which do not, which Instructables win contests and which do not.

    I agree it is disappointing but at the same point, I didn't make the flag case hoping to win a contest. Yes it would be nice to have a new camera, Yes it would be nice to be noticed for a beautiful project vs something random, but I am totally content with the reaction on my grandmothers face when she saw the case.

    I figure if I win, great, I have always wanted one of those cameras. If I don't win, well that is ok. I more wanted to post it so people like you could get a good idea of another custom style of case to make and maybe make one for a local veterans family.

    Take care and God Bless

    My observation is that a lot of what happens at Instructables is based on what someone thinks is "cool" rather than what represents an actual achievement. As a result, I have sworn off of entering the contests. I like using Instructables to share ideas with those who appreciate them and for documenting things I have done so I can share them with people I know. Perhaps when I am no longer living my kids will use my Instructables as a remembrance. I am sure your grandmother was very appreciative, and that has to mean a lot. God bless.