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Introduction: Military Shadow Box

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Today I leave here an idea to expose your memorabilia in a small space, such as a frame, or a shadow box,for example!

During the military life, a person holds many memories and objects that tell a story. I'm no exception.It has been a few years, so I decided to expose some of these articles in a shadow box ...

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

To do this shadow box we need:

Frame (50 * 50cm);

felt; Styrofoam;

Hot glue gun;

White glue;

Box cutter;



And lots of patience ....

Step 2: Assemble the Shadow Box

After you gather all the items you need to make the shadow box, start to assemble it. I made a small clip with all the steps, just watch it to how I made my shadow box

Step 3: Finally, Hang It ...

...on the wall. It looks amazing on the wall. You could ad a smal spot light to stand out! Don't forget to watch this and more cool ideas, about DIY, at my blog (!!

I hope you enjoy it and I see you soon!



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    nice shadow box brother...
    US Air Force 2008-2014 here

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment, manstrom!! Its always god to read complements from another brother

    Thanks for sharing how you made this shadow box. I hope we see more from you on Instructables in the future!

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment and I will make some instructables for sure