I recently had the opportunity to visit my friend who works at North Coast Farms, and she let me milk a goat. I am by no means a goat expert, but here's a basic overview of the process. Anyone can milk a goat. The trick is getting one and keeping it healthy.

Milking a goat is incredibly simple, and you can do things like make goat cheese or yogurt. Goat's milk is lower in fat, higher in fatty acids, has more nutrients, less mucous-inducing properties, and no antibiotics. It's way better than cow's milk. You can also use goats to do your yard work.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Female goat : needing to be milked

2. Stainless Steel Apparatus

2a. Stainless steel milk strainer, including filter

2b. milking pail

2c. Bucket & Lid

3. Staunchion:

A platform made from 2x4's and plywood, with a stick bolted into the bottom and a piece of hardware to lock it in. A feed bucket is essential to placate the unruly beast. When it sticks its head into the bucket, slide the wooden gate closed to keep it on the platform for easy milking.

4. Farm kitties (not required)

We had goats when I was younger, my brother and I were in 4H, we had a few different crossbreeds but the best milk always came from our nubian doe :)
I've got goats, they're the black and white splotches kind, I want to say pygmy's.. their utters get swollen some times, and I'll have to milk it to relieve them, but their milk is safe to use? excuse the picture, its best I've got on tablet at !moment
Awesome, thank you... I plan on starting a small farm... :) ... the farm kitties... XD ...
<p>Great set of instructions! This is going to come in handy.</p><p>Did you mean to write "contaminated milk" instead of "contaminated soap" in Step 5?</p>
Awesome goats what breed are there Anglo-Nubians and Saanans?

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