Step 5: Switches and Housings

At this point you have a set of lights mounted in milk bottle caps and designed to run with a particular power supply. The PPE bottles, once you've delabeled and washed them, will just screw right back into the caps and act as nice looking diffusers.

You could now connect the lights up with a simple switch box, as I did at first, or choose to do something more complex, like drive them using the same power supply but also a microcontroller to make them do more interesting things.

Due to time constraints, I've had these lights around as a prototype in various stages of development for around 18 months, and in that time I've mounted them in two different ways with three different switch boxes. I also retrofitted them with some better LEDs, that gave a slightly bluer light and had diffused housings.

Rather than detail every step of each iteration, I've put a selection of pictures in this step with notes illustrating each of them.

The rest of this instructable will deal with the latest (and coolest) way I've chosen to use them: Mounted in plastic pipe and controlled individually.