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Step by step instructions showing how to make your own beautiful quilled clock by upcycling milk bottles.

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With this project we collected plastic milk bottles which would have otherwise ended up in the trash and eventually on a landfill site.
Some brands of milk use bottles that have very sticky labels that are hard to remove, and others have bottles that have ridges up the sides. Look for the milk bottles have labels that are very easy to remove and a large flat central section in the bottle, which is what we primarily use in our upcycling crafts.

Recycling and making new and interesting upcycled products from waste materials is quite easy to do with just a little effort and creativity and helps relieve the enormous pressure on our landfill sites, and ultimately, our planet.

We reduced our carbon footprint by recycling used plastic milk bottles, turning them into this beautiful, upcycled clock - a great handmade recycled gift that makes a difference! follow our easy step by step instructions and see just how easy it is to make your own!

What you will need:

Sturdy table or work surface
Clock mechanism and hands
8x 2 litre used milk bottles, washed and ready to be recycled
Acrylic paint & roller, or spraypaint (we used black)
Round hardboard clockface
Metal ruler
Craft knife
Acetone (for cleaning)
Old rag (for cleaning

Step 1:

Step 1
Use your craft knife to cut the milk bottles: You will need to cut each milk bottle twice, going right around the bottle.

The first cut should go around the bottom (approx. 3cm from the base) and the second cut just lower than the handle. You should be left with a very thick centre piece of the plastic milk bottle, which should be approx. 10cm in width.

Step 2
Once you have cut all eight plastic milk bottles to acquire your 8 centre pieces, cut these once across the width in a straight line, so that you will have one long piece of plastic. You will now have eight strips of recycled plastic, as opposed to eight ovals.

Step 3
Now we just need to straighten our strips, this is quite important so that our clock has a nice finish. Place the large strip flat on your working surface and use your metal ruler to trim the strip to get a nice, straight edge.
Wow, so awesome and original!! I make clocks using LPs but nothing nearly as cool as this, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome clock idea!
Thank you !

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