Step 3:

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Step 7
Now the fun begins! We need to start decorating the face of the clock, so make sure your glue gun is nice and hot. The technique you will use is called quilling. Take a single strip of recycled milk bottle plastic, and roll it up to form a tight spiral. This is the basic technique – from here, you can allow the spiral to unravel or tighten it to create different patterns. You can pinch on side to create a point, giving each spiral a 'direction'.

Step 8
We have used a very simple form of quilling and have a spiral at each hour of time (1, 2, 3, 4, 5...through to 12). We have a tight spiral in the centre, and have stretched each spiral from there, working our way out. The entire surface of the clock face should be covered in this method. It is a good idea to glue each spiral as you work to prevent the recycled plastic strips from unraveling. In this particular project we used a hot glue gun, the tough part is to find a glue that will hold onto milk bottles cause they are made out of very resistant HDPE plastic.

Step 9
Keep going, until you have managed to cover the entire face of the clock with your quilled plastic strips.
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