Picture of Milk Jug Butterflies
These are a great way to decirate and super easy!! Have fun! :D
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Old milk jug Scissors Sharpie or paint Tacky ( for putting on wall) Piece of paper

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut a sheet out of ugly our jug it should look something of a rectangle

Step 3: Trace

Picture of Trace
13, 7:18 AM.jpg
Trace a butterfly on paper then trace that onto the jug if u need help look up butterfly outlines that should help

Step 4: Pattern

Picture of Pattern
Draw and color in a bunch of different dots and lines

Step 5: Cut Out

Picture of Cut Out
13, 7:18 AM.jpg
13, 7:18 AM.jpg
13, 7:18 AM.jpg
Cut it out and fold in half down the center line
jujubee31 (author) 12 months ago
Plz show me your finished product!!
jujubee31 (author) 12 months ago
Yah!! Woohooo
lil_unicorn12 months ago
ya 389 views! holy cow!
jujubee31 (author) 12 months ago
i jus wanna say thank u guyz i got an email sayin u guyz liked it an it waz popular
lil_unicorn12 months ago
luv it!!
jujubee31 (author)  lil_unicorn12 months ago
jujubee31 (author) 12 months ago
Comment on wat other instructables I should do plz!!!! :D