Picture of Milk Jug Jack-o-Lanterns
Have any extra milk jugs laying around? In the Halloween spirit? Well lets get cracking!


Milk style jug (no matter the size)
Hobby knife
Orange Paint (preferably pumpkin orange)
Sharpie or gel pen
Wire or String
Tea Lights

Step 1: Cleaning

Picture of Cleaning
First, grab your jugs and clean them good.

Be sure to take the labels off.

Then set to dry.

Be sure to keep the cap, or else your Jack-o-lantern will not have a top.
justjimAZ2 years ago
Good idea!
I wonder if spraying just the back with a coat of black or silver would improve the contrast and make the eyes stand out more?
nail face5 years ago
 woah this is pretty cool! ima have to try this
Chicken22096 years ago
hard to see the eyes is it possible to add in a second suspended light to illuminate the eyes?
DIYJosh (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
Hmmm, suspending? Probably not. But you can try placing something under the tea lights to raise it up. Or try votive candle. You might also want to try two tealights as well.
yeah but i can 't put something under the suspended one if it will block the grounded one
Ward_Nox6 years ago
my mom made skeletons out of milk jugs this reminds me of that
Kiteman6 years ago
What kind of paint did you use?
DIYJosh (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
For the black undercoat I used a very cheap Walmart brand. For the actual painting of orange I used Krylon "Pumkin" Orange.
How handy :-)
Kiteman DIYJosh6 years ago
OK, thanks.