Have any extra milk jugs laying around your house? If you do, you're one step closer to a fun and resourceful lighting project. The Milk Jug LED Lamp is easy to make, stylish and will only take a small chunk of change out of your wallet. The coolest part is you can fill up the jug with anything you want. For mine, I chose wine corks.... because I like to drink wine. Pinot Noir preferably. 

Step 1: Some Things You'll Need

Some items to purchase from Elemental LED. Total Cost - $60.66.
  1. 1 foot section of 2700k warm white High Density Flexible Strip Light - $15.99. Request a section with lead wire pre-soldered to the strip light. 
  2. 2 foot section of 18/2 AWG clear lamp cord - $0.70
  3. Female DC Wire Plug - $3.99
  4. LightTouch LED Dimmer Switch - $24.99
  5. 12V 6W Plug-In Adapter - $14.99

Some items you may have or will need to purchase (see pictures below):
  1. 1/2 Gallon Glass Milk Jug with a 1" diameter opening 
  2. Lamp Shade - The base should have a 10" diameter to fit right. I bought one at World Market for $12.99.
  3. 2 Ton Epoxy Resin (2500 psi strength) - $6.00. Local hardware store.
  4. 1/4" Masonry Glass Drill Bit - $15.00. Hardware section of local hardware store. 
  5. 1/8" Drill Bit - $6.99. Hardware section of local hardware store. 
  6. 1" x Close Black Iron Pipe - $1.59. Gas/oil/air piping section of your local hardware store. 
  7. 1" Black Iron Coupling - $2.00. Gas/oil/piping section of your local hardware store. 
  8. 1" x 4" Black Iron Pipe - $2.25.  Gas/oil/air pipe section of your local hardware store.
  9. 1" Black Iron Cap - $2.00. Gas/oil/piping section of your local hardware store. 
  10. Two wire nuts - $1.00. Local hardware store. (Not shown in pictures)
And finally, you'll need:
  • Electric drill
  • Jewelers screwdriver
<p>Great idea, totaly would try it. Just need to finish a couple of wine bottles and then.</p>

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