Milk Bottle Polygon Night Light





Introduction: Milk Bottle Polygon Night Light

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As i couldn't bring myself to `splash out` on nice new plastic sheets to then cut and make into a lampshade i was interested in trying out "dan"s comment in his instructable that you could use plastic (HDPE) milk bottles.

I wasn't sure what it was going to go on then i got the idea of using it with an old led torch.

Then came the problem of running all night on batteries!

Along came an old motorola phone charger.

Being pretty illiterate about electronic compatability etc i thought "just give it a go, whats the worst that could happen?" I mean apart from burning my house down.



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    Well even if it doesn't have written instructions then at least show the steps used to make the bloody thing. This site is meant to be about sharing instructions afterall. Without the how-to bit it's just like all of the other 'craft' and 'diy' sites out there full of people trying to show off at what they can do, not teaching others how to do the same. I love the new slide show idea, but it has no merit if it is just a place for people to show off their skills.

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    I think the slideshow is great, if anyone wanted the instructions to have a go themselves I can't see why they can't just ask, rather than being so stroppy. Brill idea!!!

    do you see this comment? it's an angry comment. please folks, start including some type of INSTRUCTIONS on the INSTRUCTABLES, as opposed to the ridiculously lazy slideshows. you have received a bad rating.

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    I kind of like this new system (it took some time to readjust). Now after looking at some lengthy Instructables and eyes growing tired from reading, you can take a break and review projects without having to use any actual "brain power" and comment accordingly. Just go with the flow or do as dan said.

    if you dont like the slideshows, why not just click the 'instructables' tab after you click 'explore'. then you will not see any slideshows. also, i think the idea is - if someone is not sure how many people are interested in what they did, why not just post some photos and see? if they get a lot of comments on the slideshow probably they will be more inclined to fill in the details.

    Thanks to bleachworthy for your constructive criticism! I posted this in slideshows because i wanted to see if i got enough interest to warrant an Instructable. Surely the point of these slideshows is precisely that.

    Yeah, people seem to be slow to catching on to the fact that slideshows and videos don't need to be full Instructables. In time, in time... While we wait for you to make your full Instructable, would you mind posting a PDF or an image of the basic polygon shape?