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Introduction: Milk Box Paper Wallet

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So.. I failed my exam (only 2 people out of 80 passed, so you can imagine it was hard one) and wanted to cheer up myself a little so I made this milk box wallet. It's really easy ad quick and it's fun to make it. It could be a great weekend project for kids! :)

You will need:

- an empty milk box (or juice or whatever)
- snaps and hammer
- pen
- scissors


- wash out the box
- cut off the upper and lower part
- cut a cover of the wallet (if you don't know, what I mean, just follow the photos)
- fold in the sides of the wallet
- then fold it in half
- make two holes
- add snaps

- insert some money

and you're ready to go!

Hope you guys like it!
I'll be glad for comments



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    k thanx for all the help looks great with Tropicana box (^_^)

    1 reply

    You're welcome :) You could post your wallet here ;)

    ok I've almost made it but how do you stop it from unfolding? (when you fold it in half)

    1 reply

    Ok, try to flatten it. It's tetrapak, so it's almost impossible to stop it from unfolding. But if you attach the snaps, they should hold it together! ;)

    Thank you :) You should try it, it takes about 3 minutes ;)

    brilliant idea! can't wait till I finish our Tropicana carton to make it!

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot ! I wish you good luck ;)