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Introduction: Milk Box Paper Wallet

So.. I failed my exam (only 2 people out of 80 passed, so you can imagine it was hard one) and wanted to cheer up myself a little so I made this milk box wallet. It's really easy ad quick and it's fun to make it. It could be a great weekend project for kids! :)

You will need:

- an empty milk box (or juice or whatever)
- snaps and hammer
- pen
- scissors


- wash out the box
- cut off the upper and lower part
- cut a cover of the wallet (if you don't know, what I mean, just follow the photos)
- fold in the sides of the wallet
- then fold it in half
- make two holes
- add snaps

- insert some money

and you're ready to go!

Hope you guys like it!
I'll be glad for comments



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    k thanx for all the help looks great with Tropicana box (^_^)

    You're welcome :) You could post your wallet here ;)

    ok I've almost made it but how do you stop it from unfolding? (when you fold it in half)

    Ok, try to flatten it. It's tetrapak, so it's almost impossible to stop it from unfolding. But if you attach the snaps, they should hold it together! ;)

    Thank you :) You should try it, it takes about 3 minutes ;)

    brilliant idea! can't wait till I finish our Tropicana carton to make it!

    Thanks a lot ! I wish you good luck ;)