Introduction: Milk Carton Seedling Container

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Throwing away your milk cartons? Try this before you do. They'll make a nice seedling container.

All you need is:
- milk carton
- knive
- soil
- seeds...

Step 1: Cut the Milk Carton

Picture of Cut the Milk Carton

Couldn't be easier.
Cut away one side.
Leave an edge, that makes it stronger.

Step 2: Fill With Soil and Sow

Picture of Fill With Soil and Sow

self-explanatory ;-)
I've sown sunflowers.

Step 3: Watch Them Grow

Picture of Watch Them Grow

My sunflower seedlings after 3 weeks.
On my home-build shelves from pallets for a vertical garden.

upcycled... life made easy


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