Picture of Milk crate on your bike
milkcrate exploded.jpg
milkcrate materials.jpg
 This is a simple solution to carrying just about anything with your bike. With just a little gathering of materials, you will be ready to load up your groceries or other goods in your new crate attachment for your bike!

for more DIY solutions check out www.carry-it.org
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Step 1: Placement

Picture of Placement
milkcrate exploded.jpg
 Position the milk crate in your desired postion, place one of the flat metal plates in the center.

Step 2: Hand tighten the bolts

Picture of Hand tighten the bolts
milkcrate exploded.jpg
 Line up the second metal plate with the one on top. place a bolt through and thread the nut. Tightening with your hand will be enough to hold it in place.

Step 3: Tighten up!

Picture of Tighten up!
milkcrate exploded.jpg
 Use a wrench and a screw driver to finish the tightening job. You're now ready to Carry_it with your new milk crate. customize it with some paint!
nvnusman5 months ago

Good starter project. Thanks.

Since this is a good beginner project, good for kids too, always nice to include hints about finding parts/materials. Let us know that those types metal plates are standards pieces in hardware stores, or as salvage in thrift type shops. Good to explain that the size of the metal plates is not critical, but that the length of the screws/bolts is since they are close to the tire. And it would be helpful to point out that mounting the plates at right angles to the length of the bike would be be stabler than lined up with the bike frame. Mounting milk crates is a very popular do-it-yourselfie for cyclers, so thanks again.

lemonie5 years ago
Why no photographs? You do have some.