Milkman Workbench





Introduction: Milkman Workbench

A small portable workbench that will do miracle!

Step 1:



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That's very nice, and nicely done, but this is just a link to a video, not an Instructible. This should have measurements, plans, commentary, instructions, and photographs of the process. If you remove this video, this plan should still be doable.
I would ask a mod to remove this and ask the poster to post a proper Instructible with directions on how I could also make this, otherwise what is the point?

Just looking at this video, I could make this in any dimension I needed. Its a good video and the instructions are self evident.

I agree with Jim, it is nice but this isn't an instructible, just a look at me and what I did video.

Where or how did you make the thread maker for the dowls.

I did not make the tool, it is a jig sold by the Beall tool compagny

Great, the Singer too :):)

The instructions are in the June 2013 issue of Popuar Woodworking Magazine.

It is called a 'Milkmans Workbench' because someone got theirs from a Milkman.