Milkman Workbench





Introduction: Milkman Workbench

A small portable workbench that will do miracle!

Step 1:



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That's very nice, and nicely done, but this is just a link to a video, not an Instructible. This should have measurements, plans, commentary, instructions, and photographs of the process. If you remove this video, this plan should still be doable.
I would ask a mod to remove this and ask the poster to post a proper Instructible with directions on how I could also make this, otherwise what is the point?

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Just looking at this video, I could make this in any dimension I needed. Its a good video and the instructions are self evident.

I agree with Jim, it is nice but this isn't an instructible, just a look at me and what I did video.

I did not make the tool, it is a jig sold by the Beall tool compagny

Great, the Singer too :):)

The instructions are in the June 2013 issue of Popuar Woodworking Magazine.

It is called a 'Milkmans Workbench' because someone got theirs from a Milkman.


'Bout 2" X 8" X 32" or so . Seeing the process surely does uncomplicate the making of it .

Outstanding craftsmanship and skills. Heck of a nice selection of tools in order to craft the piece, especially the wood thread cutting. I'm a visual kind of guy, so I like it. If I see it, I can make my own without detailed plans, but I agree it would be easier with a planset. And a portable bench that size sure beats paying $7-$800 for a bench with those vises built in!

Where is the video or the instruction, apart from the ads I do not see any video or instruction. The idea is beautiful.

I consider this to be an excellent piece of work, both the workbench and the video. To complain that the video doesn't show photographs of the process is absurd.

My only regret is that my workshop is not nearly as well equipped as the author's.

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I'm complaining that it's not an Instructible unless it has INSTRUCTIONS, which this does not.

I completely agree with Jim... and why would a milkman need a workbench like that anyway?

As we say in Spain, you're an artist!!!! Bravo!!!