Millennium Falcon Cake

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Introduction: Millennium Falcon Cake

Hello fellow nerds! Always wanted to make a cake to impress your friends an family? Then this is the cake for you!! What do you need? Basic sponge cake recipe 10" cake tin Rectangular cake tin Basic cake recipe (just an average pound cake recipe will do) White Fondant icing Icing sugar Black food colouring Edible pen I baked 6 cakes in order to build the millennium falcon, but depending on the size you can bake less or more cake. 2 10" cakes 4 rectangular cakes

Step 1: Start Building

Wait until the cakes are cooled down and start building. You can 'glue' the cakes together with cream, jam and/or a mixture of sugar and water. You might want to use a picture from google for guidance.

Step 2: Start Decorating

Once you have built the space ship you can start to apply fondant. You can dye white icing with black food colouring if you can't find any grey icing. (Use colouring paste and don't use too much otherwise it turns black) You can now start to apply details with a edible pen and black icing. It is up to you how much detail you wish to put in.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Cake



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