Step 3: Pour and Cool

Picture of Pour and Cool

Then simply...

  1. Pour into mold and place in the freezer for an hour or so (until fully set)
  2. The mold will set at room temperature or in the fridge, but since the mold is fairly intricate, I had the best results hardening the bars as much as possible to keep the Falcon intact (especially the two pieces in the front)
  3. Remove from freezer and pull the sides of the mold lightly to loosen them from the piece
  4. Press up from the bottom of the mold, keeping pressure fairly even and, keeping a close eye on the front
  5. Set bar(s) in a dry place and allow to cure for 5-7 days, just to get out some of the extra moisture
That's it!

Now, they won't blow up or anything if you use them right away, but letting them hang out for a week will allow some of the excess moisture to evaporate and stabilize the bars a bit more.  I would definitely recommend the cure time if you plan to give any as presents to ensure that no moisture will collect in whatever packaging you use.