Millennium Falcon and X-Wing from Floppy Disk (with Special Guest Appearance: Death Star)


Step 11: X-Wing Advanced

Picture of X-Wing Advanced
If you peeked ahead or have good visual acuity (and the vocabulary to know what visual acuity means) you will notice that the simple design has very large and lumpy wings that are better suited to...say...an imperial shuttle.

To make a more sexy and accurate model, you will need to cut in closer to the front and at a sharper angle. This will require a second cut at the root of the “wing”. This is one area where some tin snips or other cutting tool might come in handy. Myself, I am cheap beyond reason and drunk on my cutting tool savings and will stick to fatiguing the parts.

While the X-Wings center body did stick out a bit at the rear, the center spar is sticking out too far. This will not do. Cut down the center spar to size, leaving just a hint sticking out for good times.

You will need to repeat the dimple maneuver from the basic version of the steps, since Luke will still need a chatty side-kick that can fix anything within his one-foot reach. You should notice here that the dimple goes closer to the front now.