Millennium Force





Introduction: Millennium Force

Knex roller coaster I finally finished after almost 1.5 years of construction... yeah I'm getting slow.




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This ride was great. I really loved it, and honestly the best part was the drop. You sit there in absolute terror, waiting for the top. You get to the top and you have a 5-second window at the top before you plummet 300 feet almost straight down. It really takes your breath away, and you feel your heart jump in your chest in free-fall/lack of G-force. I loved this ride.

How do you get so much speed, I can't do this.

The cars have like 5 dollars in pennies glued under them,and the cars wheels are oiled.

can you take a picture of how the pennies are glued on and what do you use to oil the wheels.

How many screamin serpent sets would you say it would take to build this?

Now I need to think of a Giga-Coaster to make. Hmmmm....

expedition ge-force, it's somewhere in germany

As I have visited Cedar Point and ridden on Millenium Force, I want to tell you that you did a remarkable job in this :)