Okay, so I've looked around for an idea for an instructable. And I found one that I want to do my own rendition of, the penny battery. So this idea is not completely original, I'm not claiming it as mine. I'm just using the materials and methods that I think will be the most effective. My hope is to power and LED light or a small fan if possible. But if I make the led die, then I have sufficiently surpassed my expectations. Let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

These are all the things you will need. I will include my list as well as some substitutes that I've seen.

5-7 Pennies
Paper towels (I used shop towels, but I've seen everything from cardboard to cloth)
Lemon juice (salt or vinegar works too)
Sand paper
<p>Sorry to write this here, but there wasn't any place to comment on your only 1 battery hack. You need to change your picture of the battery holder, it is a series run, so doing the hack on a item that needs 3 volts won't work, you need to show a parallel holder where as the two batteries voltage is still 1.5 volt, so one battery would just not last as long.</p>
The &quot;defacing currency&quot; statute is always misconstrued. It's only a crime if your intent is to commit a fraud (i.e. tear the corner off four $100 bills, tape them onto a $1 bill, turn the whole stack into the bank for $500). See http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1405/is-it-legal-to-put-a-hole-in-a-quarter-and-sell-it for details.
<p>I want to introduce you to a fact that is not widely known. Until recently the government has made money off us when we have destroyed currency. </p><p>The exception to is being the turning it in for scrap. They want the benefit of that.</p>
<p>Heh. Kay Dudes your freakin me out here</p>
how long will this run for?
Aaah...... I know.... There is electricity because... the lemon contains acid. HE HE HE.... I will use acid....
and the pennies divide + and -
Make sure the penny is dated 1983 or newer so you can be sure it has a zinc core.
How powerful is the 6 cents?
i have tried your method but as i know it was a complete failure so i just used my dremel multie task tool <br>
Great instructable...<br>Surprised they didn't make yours Featured! Hmmm
What the lemon solution is in chemistry is a salt bridge. All that matters here is that is an ionic solution. Since lemon acid is a weak acid it will not act as well as salt water, since there are less ions in the solution..
I haven't seen this before so thanks! I'm guessing this will not work with a UK penny? They are made from copper plated steel.
NP. You're allowed to &quot;deface&quot; coins to make jewelry (or batteries) so long as you don't use automated equipment to do it.

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