Introduction: Miltuino V.05 - Headless CNC 6 Eixos (3+3) Com Firmware Grbl, LCD 16x2, Keyboard 3x4, SDcard E 3 Arduino UNO

In the assembly were resolved all conflicts between the ports used, working perfectly.
I'm optimizing the code for all integrated functions can operate on the Arduino UNO.
In the future I intend to use Arduino Due to the program manager.
I opted for the use of more ports for the keyboard to be accurate and the LCD i2c communication.
CNC 4 a 6 axis can simulate a mechanical arm!
This project is presented as educational purposes and its use for other purposes is the entire responsibility of those who do.


fatihsen (author)2016-07-05

thank you very much

ArcAiN6 (author)2015-12-18

Flagged this as incomplete. There are no sources, no explanation of how these components function together, no parts list, no information on how things were connected.

Basically, this is just a youtube video of someone showing off, with no real substance to call this anything close to a tutorial, howto, or guide.. let alone an instructable.

АндрійС1 (author)2015-06-21

Nice work, but where we can download sources?

omnibot (author)2014-03-07

Nice demo but I'd like a bit more. Firmware would be good.

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