Grawr! It’s a mimic monster! What did you say? Grawr! It’s the mimic monster!
Having landed on Earth, this little alien needs you to teach it how to speak. Speak into its audio antenna and it will repeat your words back. Press a button and change its pitch.In this tutorial, you will learn in more detail, how to work with a USB sound card, a microphone, and a speaker.

Before you begin, make sure you’ve followed through Intel® Edison Getting Started guide, and our previous tutorial.

This means that your Intel® Edison:

  1. has updated firmware
  2. is connected to the local wireless network
  3. can connect to ssh/scp through microUSB or WiFi

Here is a video of the completed project.

This tutorial was originally published on Intel Communities here.

Step 1: Needed Components

  1. Intel® Edison and Arduino expansion board
  2. 1 Intel® Edison power supply
  3. 1 Microphone 1 USB sound card (with audio in and out connections)
  4. 1 Battery operated speaker with mini jack connector
  5. Nuts and bolts
  6. Spray glue or adhesive tape
<p>soo cute. and customizable!</p>
<p>and a different than usual project (Y)</p>
<p>nice case</p>
<p>Hi i own edison kit from INTEL'S IoT roadhsow. I want to make this project for my college freshere. can u tell me if &quot;tar -x pyaudio.tar.gz&quot; command lots of time to execute and unzip or is it just me stucked?</p>
<p>Hi!! Nice work. All of your instructables looks so proffesional.</p><p>I have a question, What you use to cut parts? What lasercutter? Is a DIY? Diode power?</p><p>Thanks a lot</p>
<p>It's a WOODSTOCK WS960L with 100w laser ;)</p>

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