Mincraft Dirt Block Pencil Holder


Introduction: Mincraft Dirt Block Pencil Holder

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this minecraft dirt block pencil holder is so easy with very little materials.all you need is:a cube of pyrofoam,paint,beads,glitter(optinal),cardboard, glue and scissors.draw to shape of the cube out at least 4 times you can make none for the top and bottom if you want but i didnt.then poke holes in the cube with a pen the same size as the ones you want the hollder for.then glue on the cardboard pieces to the cube.then paint and add the glitter and beads if you want.leave to dry.then you have your pencil holder!please vote for me in game life 3 contest THANKS!!!p.s comment if you want the creeper pencil. :D sorry the pics a bit small.I did a dirt block but you can do any block or a steve or creeper it you stack them. : P



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