This is a project I did for my Google Science Fair Entry. If you like this please check it out and vote for me when it becomes available.

This is a video of the hand being controlled by the brain opening and closing:

More videos will be on as soon as I get them uploaded

Today, millions are suffering due to the lack of a functional arm preventing them from doing things we take for granted. Until about five years ago, the idea that these people could have a prosthetic arm that wouldn’t just serve for aesthetic reasons, but instead would act as a way for them to regain functionality with natural control via the brain seemed highly far-fetched. Recently, groundbreaking ways to do just that have been successfully developed. These systems, still in development, either connect to existing neurons or to electrodes implanted into the brain to decode the signals from the brain and use them to control a robotic arm. Although they are a great way to help the disabled, these new systems are very costly to develop. The surgery required is very complicated and costly. The robotic arms that these systems use are also extremely pricey. The whole system requires hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to develop. I wondered If I could develop a system that is affordable to most of those who need it. After doing research, I discovered alternative ways to achieve the task which employs different technologies and components for a fraction of the cost. This robotic arm based on the Inmoov project costs less than $200 dollars for its construction and the brain interface uses a $300 headset from Emotiv. Overall this $500 price tag is almost nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars required for the current technology. This will successfully enable many more people in need to be able to utilize the available technologies to its fullest potential and restore not only their limbs, but also their lives.

Step 1: Materials

Robotic arm:

All the parts required to build the Inmoov arm which can be found at Inmoov.fr
The robotic arm I made is partly different from this but it can be made without them. For cost efficiency, I do although use different servos which I explain in the next step

Control system:
Emotiv EEG Headset+software
<p>the pdf which you need premium account to download.</p><p>Is it the same copy of all the steps presented on the webpage or some extra details are given?</p>
And how you made this robot. Please can you explain me?
Sir what are the apparatus to make this robot??
<p>Awesome job! Is everything wireless, or is the EEG headset somehow connected to the robotic arm? </p>
<p>Great work! Could you please email me at joyce@emotiv.com? I'd like to discuss a potential collaboration with Emotiv. Thank you!</p>
<p>can someone help to make it with simply designs for my final year project.</p><p>mail me on rohitlahori93@gmail.com</p>
<p>These are the error messages it is giving me. </p><p>Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows XP), Board: &quot;Arduino Uno&quot;</p><p>Robotic_Arm.ino: In function 'void setup()':</p><p>Robotic_Arm:34: error: 'birot' was not declared in this scope</p><p>Robotic_Arm:36: error: 'shorot' was not declared in this scope</p><p>Robotic_Arm:44: error: 'bipistion' was not declared in this scope</p><p>Robotic_Arm.ino: In function 'void loop()':</p><p>Robotic_Arm:129: error: 'birot' was not declared in this scope</p><p>Robotic_Arm:144: error: 'shorot' was not declared in this scope</p><p>Robotic_Arm:148: error: 'shorot' was not declared in this scope</p><p>'birot' was not declared in this scope</p><p> This report would have more information with</p><p> &quot;Show verbose output during compilation&quot;</p><p> enabled in File &gt; Preferences.</p>
<p>First of all I want to say great project. I did it myself and made a few changes to the arm but I used your sketch. I ran into a problem where it states 'birot' was not declared in this scope. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks</p>
<p>the plastic is very fragile----and --no-- I see it work- is show?</p>
<p>the plastic is very fragile----and --no-- I see it work-----</p>
<p>from where did you got the ekg and eeg sensor</p>
<p>from where did you got the ekg and eeg sensor</p>
<p>Do you have an update of this project? I wonder if it worked and how it worked, to see a video.</p><p>Thank you.</p>
<p>Which age category are you applying for because I made exactly the same thing for my google science fair project too!</p>
<p>are you able to control both the elbow joint as well as the shoulder joint with the EEG headset or is it just the hand? And if so is it possible to program the headset to control the other joints, and are you able to control each finger individually? </p>
<p>how to connect eeg control panel to arduino. i know it is serial communication but how to connect eeg control panel to atduino with serial monitor. </p>
<p>Impressive work.</p>
<p>very good job on this keep up the good work you are doing </p><p>thanks for sharing this</p>

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