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Recently I had to get my wrist watch repaired as it fell down from stairs. Guess what, it was a small misalignment of a watch gear, so the watch guy repaired it in front of me. He used a a small lamp to see details inside the watch  and while I was watching it with curiosity, I noticed how cool all those gears were looking as the light was peeking from gear teeth. There my friend sparked an idea of making something like what I call as Mind Gear Lighted Wall Fixture.

If you Google watch gears, you will know how i got the idea.

Luckily I had enough cardboard left after I made this Lamp.  So I decided to use that. Initially my idea was to only make something that shows gears but as I progressed,the idea of making it Mind Gear evolved.

So lets get started. 

Step 1: Required stuff

You are going to need the following stuff to make this:
  1. 2 big cardboard sheets (Mine is 45x25 inches), you have to decide this size by yourself as it depends on the size of the fixture you want to make. Luckily I had a Triple wall sheet of that size.
  2. A heavy duty cutter.
  3. Some glue like Elmer's or Fevicol.
  4. 2 Toilet roll cardboard rolls.
  5. Acrylic colors metallic shades of Black(Keep 2 bottles of 15g at least), Silver, Gold and Copper.
  6. Acrylic medium for color density.
  7. A big geometrical compass or engineering compass, luckily I got a wooden one from the store which was big enough for me.
  8. OPTIONAL: Hot glue gun and sticks (I chose this to speed up gluing otherwise normal glue is sufficient).
  9. LED strip lights (about a 3-4 feet).
  10. Some electric wire
  11. Soldering Iron and other related stuff like wire and flux. (If you can get the soldering done at a local electrical store, you may not need it)
  12. Some painting brushes (I used size 6 and 12).  
  13. OPTIONAL : A drill and hole saw (If you can cut good holes in cardboard, you can leave it. I found it useful).
  14. A Pencil.
  15. An insulated tape.
  16. Some very basic drawing skill (I am not really very good at drawing).
  17. Our best friend patience for  all time support :-)
  18. Lots of drinking water to keep our mind gears hydrated ;-)
  19. Some green tea, chai or coffee would be a plus :-)
All set? Lets begin.
Too cool! Defiantly trying something similar to this for Father's Day this year!
Thanks. Go head and let me know, should you need any help. Also please share a picture of your work.
Good job Tarun! Awesome how you can be inspired by something like someone fixing your watch! My son and I were at a garage sale last summer and I found a little kit which had super tiny tools and I was fascinated by those - they were for watch repair! :) This looks very cool - I love it! The giant cup of coffee is funny too!
Thank you for the kinds words Holly:)<br>One can be inspired by almost anything :). I believe learning should be fun, so I try to add little humor to my iBles. :)<br>You have a great weekend :)
This is wonderful Creation@ Tarun..Keep Rocking
Thank Anubhav for the wonderful appreciation.:)
Woow!! Absolutely fabulous piece of modern art. Found it very interesting too.
Thank you so much for wonderful appreciation:-)
My pleasure:-)
Thanks so much for sharing this! I may try making something like this using your idea! I wish you the best in the contest! <br>sunshiine
Thank you so much sunshiine for the kind words. Go ahead and please let me know if I can help you with anything.

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