Mind Magic. Great self working Mind Magic Trick. Here's a great self working Mind Magic Trick. Turn your back to a spectator and ask him to hide a coin in one of his hands. Turn around and guess where it is!! Great Mind Magic!! This Mind Magic Trick is self working. All it takes is a some sceret Mind Magic. Find this mind magic trick at: http://easybartricks.com/mind-magic-easy-mind-magic-trick-the-unfair-draw.html More mind magic tricks: http://easybartricks.com Self working Mind magic Trick.
Ok <br>Ok<br>Ok<br>Ooooooookkkkkkkkkkk
<p>Is this a Mind Magic Trick? I don't think you explained that well enough.</p>
You LOOSE!!!
why cant we watch the video <br>
Why cant I watch the video?
i dont get it?
mee 2
Nice and easy trick but won't work for me. :(
why ? <br>
very clever, nice video
cool you are awesome<br /> <br />
wow this is awesome! ;D<br />
very cool.

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