Picture of Mind Reader kit
This is a project that uses your brain to control stuff, analyse moods and a modification can be used as a lie detector. I even managed to control a simple pc game.
This serves as a basic medical analysis of brain waves . The brain being the master control of the whole body . So why not develop a project in which it can be used to control various electronic stuff.
This way of looking into the brain is called EEG . 

Step 1: PARTS

Picture of PARTS


- 1x Instrumentation Amplifier - AD620AN - This is the most expensive, and most important part. While technically you can make your own instrumentation amplifier from 3 op-amps, I could never get my own to give me good results. Precision cut resistors in this ensure that it'll do its job.
- 2x Quad Op-Amp - TL084CN - Any Op-Amp will do. You need 5 single amps, this one just includes 4 in each chip.


- 1x 10 nF, ceramic
- 1x 20 nF, ceramic
- 1x 100nF, tantalum
- 5x 220nF, tantalum
- 1x 1uF, electrolytic
- 2x 10uF, electrolytic

- 1x 1kΩ Potentiometer - via Digikey - very useful to adjust your gain on the fly.
- 2x 12Ω
- 1x 220Ω
- 1x 560Ω
- 2x 22kΩ
- 1x 47kΩ
- 2x 100kΩ
- 2x 180kΩ
- 1x 220kΩ
- 2x 270kΩ
- 1x 1MΩ


- 3.5mm audio cable.
- 2x 9V batteries for power.

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sanjaykd6 months ago

download links are not working. please provide some other links.. its urgent plz...

diginess9 months ago
The schematic is too blurry / low resolution to read properly.
thor.stormlord11 months ago
this sounds very interesting can you please elaborate on the basis of its function?
iloveandroid (author) 1 year ago
can u explain how this circuit works?
ilya1281 year ago
must try it out
polkijain1 year ago
well does this work? if it does then I would probably like to see it in action if you could. also please upload a better blueprint( circuit diagram )
This is awesome. I always wanted to read my pet rabbits brain.
iloveandroid (author) 1 year ago