lets see if i can read your mind or not
that scared me because that was the number i had and i thought for sure it was going to be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
lolz it wrong i did 82
62. Guess I am the 2 out of 10
yep. me too.
Nice trick, but for me when I work I never follow instructions, thats what the most engineers do, so when video said even number I put all possibilities in my mind at same time 60,62,64,68,...<br><br>But I can't ignore that the 1st number came to my mind was 68 :D<br><br>Thanks for this trick, I will try my best to find out why minds work like this.
74.... didn't get it......
It's just scientific studies.
er, even numbers??? 7 is not even <br> <br> <br>
I was 62. unnormal me
Mine was 82
same :[
mine was 81.
EVEN numbers, one isnt even
62..... :s
amazing i said 68, that means i am 8 out of 10 people, that scares me !!!
62. what now. lol. not really an instructable tho. (good trick)
53. Doesn't look that close to me.
EVEN numbers. no wonder it didnt guess it. lol
Okay, I didn't notice that. But then again it proves that this is complete nonsense. I might as well said "think of a two-digit number which has digits 6 and 8 in it below 86". I'm exaggerating but... really. There is a 12.5% chance to get it right anyway and with the help of luck one may encounter success more often than this.
hmmm mine 62...
i was that as well
thats.... great? 88. close.
Thats awesome . I was thinking of 68!

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