Picture of MineCraft Cake
I made this cake for my son's 7th birthday..very very easy to make. 2 boxes of chocolate cake mix-or make your own 1 batch of rice Krispy treat Butter cream icing tinted green Icing bag Grass tip Blue jello Large base to sit cake on. I use the board used for craft projects found by the poster board these are cheap and can be found at Walmart.

Step 1: MineCraft characters

Picture of MineCraft characters
The 1st part is to make your figures. I am a self taught decorator only started decorating this year and these little guys were easy..they are just blocks of colored fondant glued together with a little water. Use a small paint brush that you only use for food to ad the water with. Set out to dry.
pstendahl1 year ago
Looks very good and testy haha, but I hope someone told you that it is not "MindCraft" but that it is "MineCraft" being that in the game you mine and craft in order to survive.