MineCraft Cake

Picture of MineCraft Cake
I made this cake for my son's 7th birthday..very very easy to make. 2 boxes of chocolate cake mix-or make your own 1 batch of rice Krispy treat Butter cream icing tinted green Icing bag Grass tip Blue jello Large base to sit cake on. I use the board used for craft projects found by the poster board these are cheap and can be found at Walmart.
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Step 1: MineCraft characters

Picture of MineCraft characters
The 1st part is to make your figures. I am a self taught decorator only started decorating this year and these little guys were easy..they are just blocks of colored fondant glued together with a little water. Use a small paint brush that you only use for food to ad the water with. Set out to dry.

Step 2: Basic Shape Of Design

Picture of Basic Shape Of Design
Sorry don't have a picture of before the decorations were applied but you can see that the cake is just blocks stacked. I say down and drew out my design on paper first the once I was satisfied I began cutting out blocks in my cake. The bottom layer is one whole piece of cake with the top layers being the cut out portions positioned to look like a pyramid. Add buttercream icing between each layer of cake. Next do the same with your rice Krispy treat. These are the sand. Remember to leave a cut out open space for the water. This is done by making blue jello.

Step 3: Adding Water And Grass

Picture of Adding Water And Grass
Once your cake shape is put together you need to add your water. I put down a piece of wax paper covered in white buttercream in the space the jello was to sit. This gave a really cool look to the water effect I was going for. Next take the tinted green frosting put into a pastry bad fitted with the grass tip and begin to add grass to top and around the border of your cake.
pstendahl1 year ago
Looks very good and testy haha, but I hope someone told you that it is not "MindCraft" but that it is "MineCraft" being that in the game you mine and craft in order to survive.