Introduction: Mine Craft Redstone : Button Signal Time Extender

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  This is a device that makes the signal from a button last longer. this is useful for making cart callers and the such, and later if i get 3 comments ill make an instructables showing how to make an fully automatic arrow cannon with it.

Step 1: The Split

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The in put must split to make to paths also the signal can come from any where not just a button. it can come from as far as you want a long as it hits a repeater so it has power to get through the circuit.

Step 2: The Delay

Picture of The Delay

The delay make with 2 Repeaters.

Step 3: They Come to Gather

Picture of They Come to Gather

Make them merge it should look like it dose in the pic.

Step 4: If It Wont Work

Picture of If It Wont Work

If it wont work you need to add a repeater to the free wire like in the pic.
The diode on he out put i also needed.

Step 5: Last Call

Picture of Last Call

To make the delay longer just change the levers on the to delay repeaters.


sooperblooper32 (author)2013-08-07

Arrow cannons are so ridiculously easy

pcanywii (author)sooperblooper322014-04-13

Yah. Just use a dispenser. Duh

sharpbike123 (author)2012-10-02

scistone (author)2011-05-15

Hmm, arrow cannon. I know how to make one. It's easy. I'll make an instructable on it.

:D good instructable, by the way

brandon borick (author)scistone2011-06-22

thanks i cant get it to work with out crashing mine craft

scistone (author)brandon borick2011-06-22

did you see it?

brandon borick (author)scistone2011-10-17


Frosty Dynamic (author)2011-09-25

Unfortunately with this design, the max delay that you can have is the duration of the original pulse (meaning the total delay is double the original pulse). A much more flexible design would be making a monostable circuit, with the amount of repeaters leading to the reset equal to your chose delay.

gigafide (author)2011-04-22

Awesome Instructable! An arrow cannon tutorial would be amazing!

scistone (author)gigafide2011-06-22

I made one!

robot797 (author)2011-05-02

i can make it smaller

brandon borick (author)robot7972011-05-02

ok so do it

robot797 (author)brandon borick2011-05-02

key i will
but it is not my design

brandon borick (author)2011-05-02

the arrow cannon is going to take longer the world i was using got deleted by mistake sorry

scoochmaroo (author)2011-04-19

Looks good - comment #1!

sorry its taking so long i got the flu.

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