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Introduction: MineCraft Light Up Torch

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Today i'll be showing you how to make a real life MineCraft torch to bring a touch of realistic MineCraft! this will be an easy Minecraft light up Torch that anyone can make.

Things required-

Minecraft torch template

A couple of rulers

Sticky tape


1 x flickering electronic candle per torch

so let's start!

Step 1: Finding and Printing the Template

Before crafting our torch,We need to find the template of our torch.Click here to download and print the template which is from fps x games.com.

Step 2: Cutting!

This step is pretty simple!cut the torch template using the coloured panels as guide.

Step 3: Folding!

After you've cut your Paper Craft,you are going to do few holds before we start to glue.

The Paper Crafts are net of the shapes,to get the to their shape we need to fold them on every side.Follow the Tabs printed on them while folding.

Step 4: Glueing! and Putting Flickering Light

It's pretty simple,all you have to do is take a glue and get just the tinniest amount on to the edges.Don't glue the the upper part and now Get your electronic candle and pop some sticky tape to the bottom of it then Stick your candle to the bottom side of the lid.Now when you’re ready to give your torches out simply turn on the flickering candle.Use sticky tape to seal up the top of the torch.

Step 5: Finished!

Thanks for going through this instructable.

Hoping you guys have done this sweet Paper Craft. If you need any help,leave a comment,i will try to help as fast as i can. Signing off!,have a good day. Thank you again.



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