Introduction: MineCraft PE:How to Make See Through Skins

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This is a easy way to become popular in servers and Unique

Step 1: Getting Started

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Go Into A Skin Editor App
Preferably Skinseed

Step 2: Create

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Create a skin or search one
I Used a FlareCreeper

Step 3: Edit

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After making or searching a skin go into the Edit Button

Step 4: Erase

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Erase Part of the skin
But not too much
And repeat on the other side

Step 5: Export

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Export it to MineCraft
and Follow The Steps Provided

Step 6: Have Fun

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When You Get It Into MineCraft It Might have all the areas that you erased go black instead of not there.
The reason is because you erased to much.
as You can see my skin doesn't have a big hole.
But that's because I have already numerous skins with holes in them


MacDaSquid (author)2017-09-28

Btw, this may not work with the new update

Swansong (author)2016-11-29

That looks neat :)

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