While messing around with minecarts in PE, i made this awesome secret entrance! Enjoy :)

Step 1: Minecarts!?

Note: You must have 0.8.0 version to use.
Follow the photos!

Step 2: Setting Up

Follow the arrangement of blocks in photo and push a cart down the rails and in between the half slabs.

Step 3: Destroy!

Destroy everything but the minecart and the two halfslabs supporting it.

Step 4: Camoflauge

You can use halfslabs to cover it. It IS possible with solid blocks. Just replace the halfslab on top in the first photo with a solid block.

Step 5: How to Use

Find the block with the minecart under it. Next, tap and hold over the block. And finally, jump to exit. You should now be in your secret room under the floor.
<p>Cool design by the way.</p>
<p>Does this work in Minecraft PC?</p>
Well, don't know what your prob is. I tested it and it worked fine.
Ok. I can't really get in the cart. Sometimes I do though, and when I do, the block in front of me won't let me go and I can't move
Define &quot;stuck&quot;. Stuck in the block or you cant get out if the cart?
I get stuck when I get in the cart...
Sweet man
Cool it worked

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