Minecraft 10-20-30 LVL Enchant in 5x5 Room




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Introduction: Minecraft 10-20-30 LVL Enchant in 5x5 Room

This instructable will show you how to make automatic 10/20/30 lvl enchant table in minecraft ...

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Make First Automatic 10 Lvl Enchant

Step 3: Make Automatic 20 Lvl Enchant

Step 4: Make Automatic 30 Lvl Enchant

Step 5: Place Bookshelfs on the Pistons

Step 6: Make Room and Place Enchant Table in Middle

Step 7: Done!

Step 8: Result

Hope you guys liked it ... dont forget to vote ;) :D



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    This is very cool; I'm not very proficient with redstone but I could follow the pictures pretty easily. And it turned out perfectly. I made mine built into the side of a mountain next to my house. It looks pretty awesome, so thank you for this.

    Did you see fedex gaming's tutorial on this its much simpler and cost less

    I think it's a great idea, and nicely constructed. It's a good idea that is not so simple that anyone could up with. I would love to be able to vote for it.

    However, needs more detailed instructions on the redstone, for people who don't "know redstone very good". Also, if this switches between a station that goes to max 10 lvl enchant, to max 20 lvl enchant, to max 30 lvl enchant, need direction on how to make the switch. I see levers in some photos, but you never mention them.

    i know redstone very good.. so i can build it in 5 minutes. i think beginner can build it in 10-20 minutes :)