How to make you bounce a little bit and jump on pe minecraft..

Make a glass tower fill it with lots of creepers over 50 and then stand in the corner and then you will bounce.... Hope you enjoyed this and BYE
<p>sup how do you download it thow</p>
<p>Omg that is kool</p>
<p>O...k...</p><p>Kind of, yeah....</p>
<p>Cool and at the same time dangerous</p>
<p>cool. its decent.</p>
<p>What's your user on fantage</p><p>i have two accounts umm these are my usernames</p><p>zoe_nicole3 and suzyjonhyun</p>
<p>what is that</p>
<p>looks good to me</p>
<p>does it work on pc edition?</p>
Woah! That was cool. I did it, walked up to the side, and got shot back a long ways. the first pic is how far I got shot back.
can also very fast light 4 tnt while standing on top and you will get shot up
The more creepers you put in there you will fly back way more
Lol hope you have fun!

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