In this tutorial I show how I designed a minecraft mini-figure.
Edit: this model needs a lot of tweaking before it can actually be printed. I recommend using this i'ble as a guide for your own model rather than trying to print this model.

Step 1: First Lets DO dimensions

So just follow along in the pics not much to explain in this step. (To copy press CTRL + C  To paste press CTRL + V)
 Use the snap tool to snap the pieces into place. to make identical arms and legs you can either copy and paste after you make one or just make four solids with the same dimensions.
The body has:
Length 2.5
height 8
width 5
arms and legs:
length and width 2.5
height 8
height, length and width are 5
<p>Um Um um um um um....!!!!!! Me confused. Me only 4th grader who wants to animate for youtube..!!</p>
Are you using Lego digital designer?
<p>I still don't understand !</p>
<p>I still don't understand !</p>
<p>awesome I cant wait btd 5</p>
<p>You should use 3D printer for making this into pieces, Lego would love this!</p>
<p>jk cool</p>
Hi im new?
<p>uhhh didn't understand any of that srry</p>
<p>Can you put a download link in for the completed model?</p>
Bababababa ocealots
<p>Currently exporting from blender is the easiest way to do this, its possibilities are endless and not limited to make anything.</p>
<p>Hm... do you think it is possible to do this with the program blender?</p>
<p>Definitely! Awhile back I was actually trying to make one in blender but I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet -_- </p>
<p>Thanks! I have the program and Ill try to see if I can do it</p>
<p>OMG!What is your program?</p>
<p>woah i thougt tinkercad was better</p>
Hm... You should be direct, but this is cooler than others I've seen!
<p>Is that mac idk?</p>
<p>Wow!!! This is a really cool idea. I want a 3D printer now. How did it look when it came out?</p>
<p>this is not a minecraft person it is a Lego person. The top of his/her legs and shoulders are rounded and there are holes in its feet. This is a Lego person not a minecraft person. a minecraft person is all square like no rounded spots.</p>
<p>This is interesting</p>
Thx for folowing
Also, dang. how did this get so many views??
Featured : D <br>
Cute :D But may I ask that if you print this out, did you accounted for tolerance(ex: a .5 cm shaft won't fit in a .5 cm hole)?
I haven't printed it im working in version 2 that looks much better, and for this one I did account for tolerance :)
It would be better if the arms end up in square
Thats coming in version 2 <br>;) <br>

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