Step 1:

Make a cross of cobble stone

Step 2:

Put gold in the empty spaces

Step 3:

Put neather reacter down

Step 4:

Put a cross on top of the reacter

Step 5:

Put cobble on the gold blocks and done and only works in survival as of 0.9.5 comment and like and tell me what you want me to do a how to on next
I'm confused so this is basically a guide to, if I'm right, "Minecraft"? I think you left some details out, bud.
They didn't bother name it properly.
Guys It's A Nether Dome!!!!!<br><br>NOTE: It only works in survival
Try building in creative then switching to survival.
I never have been able to collect all the gold needed for four gold blocks. (9+9+9+9)
You need 36 gold ingots in survival but 9 in creative. Clever idea though.
<p>With the new P.E. update you are able to switch from survival to creative.</p>
<p>It's a nether recater starter</p>
<p>It's a nether recater starter</p>
<p>That structure looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.</p>
Trying to fill in the gaps for others, though this is not my instructable. This applies to Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is the structure you need to &quot;enter the nether&quot;. Once you've built this, you tap the Nether Core Reactor (the blue block) with any kind of diamond tool. It creates a nether rack house, everything goes dark, cool stuff happens.
this looks cool. does it do anything?

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