Introduction: Minecraft


Step 1:

Make a cross of cobble stone

Step 2:

Put gold in the empty spaces

Step 3:

Put neather reacter down

Step 4:

Put a cross on top of the reacter

Step 5:

Put cobble on the gold blocks and done and only works in survival as of 0.9.5 comment and like and tell me what you want me to do a how to on next



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    PEOPLE! I think I saw this on YouTube or something, it's a portal thing for getting to the nether. OK???

    I'm confused so this is basically a guide to, if I'm right, "Minecraft"? I think you left some details out, bud.

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    Guys It's A Nether Dome!!!!!

    NOTE: It only works in survival

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    Try building in creative then switching to survival.

    I never have been able to collect all the gold needed for four gold blocks. (9+9+9+9)

    2 replies

    You need 36 gold ingots in survival but 9 in creative. Clever idea though.

    With the new P.E. update you are able to switch from survival to creative.

    Trying to fill in the gaps for others, though this is not my instructable. This applies to Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is the structure you need to "enter the nether". Once you've built this, you tap the Nether Core Reactor (the blue block) with any kind of diamond tool. It creates a nether rack house, everything goes dark, cool stuff happens.