Introduction: Minecraft 3D Perler Beads

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Today you will learn how to make your own Minecraft character!You can make 3D Minecraft characters out of Perler beads. I made mine for Halloween.You can use any colors you want. This process takes a long time, so you need some free time.

Step 1: Gathering the Resources

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You need:
-1164 beads
-Large Square pegboard
-Ironing Paper
-Free Time

Step 2: Making and Assembling the Legs

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In this step you will make and assemble the legs. You will lay down the beads on the pegboard in the pattern shown on the picture but use you're own colors.Then when you've made the pattern above TWICE, you put the ironing sheet above the designs and Iron it. Then flip it over a put the ironing sheet on the other side and iron it. (You may have to repeat the ironing process a few times) Then assemble it as shown on the other pic. You will repeat this process on every body part but with different patterns.(You will not have to make two of the head or the torso twice) MAKE SURE YOU ARE CAREFUL WITH THE IRON!!!

Step 3: Making the Torso

Picture of Making the Torso

Now you will make the torso. Follow the design shown and use the ironing instructions on step 2. Finally, assemble as shown.

Step 4: Making the Arms

Picture of Making the Arms

As usual, follow the the design. (Make sure you make the design TWICE) Then iron it using the ironing instructions on step 2. Finally, assemble as shown.

Step 5: Making the Head

Picture of Making the  Head

You're almost done! Make the design shown and iron it using the ironing instructions on step 2. Finally assemble as shown.

Step 6: Making Sure You Have Everything

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You're done now! Compare yours to the pic to make sure you're ready to put it together.

Step 7: Connecting the Parts

Picture of Connecting the Parts

Put in the tooth pics as shown and connect the the limbs as shown. You could also use the new connectors that I will show you.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Figure!

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I hope you guys enjoyed! You can pose him any way you want. You can even move the toothpicks to make him sit! Please like and favorite this it took so long to make.


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Very nice work!

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