Introduction: Minecraft 3D Van

Picture of Minecraft 3D Van

Ever wanted a 3D Van but u didn't know how to build one?
Well you can have one here!
The pic is from the inside of the van in the seat

Step 1: Wheels

Picture of Wheels

Make 1 wheel make some space from the first tire then mirror 4 just like it!
(The good thing is you can use clay instead of gray wool cool eh?)

Step 2: Body of Van (part 1)

Picture of Body of Van (part 1)

This will have 2 or 3 parts.

So you have the wheels done you need a body.
Starting with the body cover up the wheels with green wool not lime wool.

Step 3: Body of Van (Final Part)

Picture of Body of Van (Final Part)

Now you have the front done you need to finish up the body.
Start mirroring the front at the back then do the sides like in the pic.

Step 4: Lights Back&Front

Picture of Lights Back&Front

Now add green wool 3 blocks from the front then start making a hole that's 2 blocks these ways <---- ----->

Step 5: Glass

Picture of Glass

Just put in the glass the hight you want.

Step 6: Walls and Door

Picture of Walls and Door

Fill in the walls the hight of the glass.

Step 7: Seats

Picture of Seats

Make the seats and a bit of floor in the next step the floor will be finished

Step 8: Floor

Picture of Floor

Half of the floor is done because of the seats then fill in the rest if the floor

Step 9: Add the Roof and Start Driving!

Picture of Add the Roof and Start Driving!


Bonnie is a girl (author)2016-03-03

It's huge!

Ejammer101 (author)2015-07-19


Cjminecraft (author)2015-03-08

cool but really really big

seamster (author)2014-10-13

Very nice!

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