Introduction: Minecraft Airplane

Picture of Minecraft Airplane

A cool airplane :)

Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need

You need obsidian,glass,any spawner,glass pane,lava, and door ( there will be more when we continue).

Step 2: Build a Tower!

Picture of Build a Tower!

You will need this.

Step 3: Leave Only the Top Block

Picture of Leave Only the Top Block

This will be the airplane.

Step 4: Bulid Plane's Body

Picture of Bulid  Plane's Body

Build the planes body it is a 10 by 4.

Step 5: Add Some Walls

Picture of Add Some Walls

Make the walls like the picture make sure there is no blocks on the bottom sides.

Step 6: Add Pilots Place

Picture of Add Pilots Place

Add 4 more blocks and then another 2.

Step 7: Place Blocks Around Pilots Place

Picture of Place Blocks Around Pilots Place

Place them around.

Step 8: Keep Building Pilots Place

Picture of Keep Building Pilots Place

Place some more obsidian and then place some glass.

Step 9: Close the Back

Picture of Close the Back

Place some blocks and close the back.

Step 10: Place Some More Blocks on the Back

Picture of Place Some More Blocks on the Back

Place more blocks on the back don't add more blocks on the lower blocks.

Step 11: Make a Roof

Picture of Make a Roof

Make a roof make sure you don't place blocks on the outline.

Step 12: Make the Wings

Picture of Make the Wings

Build the wings 3 blocks of width and 7 blocks large make them kinda stairs at the ends.

Step 13: Build the Back Wings!

Picture of Build the Back Wings!

Build them how it shows in the picture kind hard to explain how to build them.

Step 14: Build the Top Wings

Picture of Build the Top Wings

The top wings are 3 blocks in length and 3 blocks tall.

Step 15: Build the Boost.

Picture of Build the Boost.

Place some glass and place lava inside.

Step 16: Build the Door

Picture of Build the Door

Add some blocks at the top and bottom for the doors to be placed.

Step 17: Build Pilots Room

Picture of Build Pilots Room

Build some doors and blocks for the pilots room.

Step 18: Place Your Pilots

Picture of Place Your Pilots

Place any animal in drivers place.

Step 19: Make Some Seats

Picture of Make Some Seats

Make them with stairs and signs.

Step 20: Done!

Picture of Done!

And that is how please favorite :)


awesomegamer1234 (author)2016-10-28

making a plane is easy !!!

awesomegamer1234 (author)2016-10-28

what is this website for !!!!!

nassau (author)2014-10-08


p.s. is this on creative mode? its the only way u can do this I think.

AlexAndAmigos (author)nassau2016-05-24

yeah, this is probably creative, unless the settings were changed.

AlexAndAmigos (author)2016-05-24


Jk55556 (author)2015-07-12

I made mine out of Quartz

Austydude (author)2014-07-17

Nice plane

ogaitan (author)2014-04-09

This looks like a bad guys plane XD

ozzey737 (author)2014-03-22


ogaitan (author)2014-03-22


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