This is a instuctable on how to make animals explode out of a hole.

Step 1: Dig

Dig 5 blocks deep, then fly back up to ground level

Step 2: Adding the Animals

Spawn animals with the spawning egg and throw them into the hole making the animals fall inside.

Step 3: The Water

Add one or more buckets of water inside the top of the hole until the animals soon explode or rise up out of the hole making the animals go everywhere!
Thank you for the tutorial, i'm kinda sorta new on the pe 11. 1,so i didn't know what to do with the eggs in the creative inventory.
My brother made something similar where he builds a 3X3 cobblestone base adds fences around the perimeter then puts some more cobblestone on top of the fences he spawns tons of mobs in it and breaks one of the fences to unleash wicked awesome pig-fu
It looks like a volcanoe
Cool explosion

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