Minecraft Automatic Armor Equipeder





Introduction: Minecraft Automatic Armor Equipeder

This machine with the click of a button puts on your armor. I made it in the xbox 360 edition.

Step 1:

What you need is
6 blocks (of your choice)
2 Redstone dust
1 stone button
4 dispensers
4 item frames (optional)
2 sets of armor (1 set is optional)

Step 2:

First place 3 blocks in a row and then 1 on each end making almost a n. There will be a opening.

Step 3:

Now place a dispenser pointing up in that opening and 2 blocks above that place another pointing down. Now place a block 1 block over the middle back block under it place 1 redstone and on it place 1 redstone. and on the front of it place a button.

Step 4:

Place your other 2 dispensers 1 block above and on the side of the bottom dispenser. Now put in your armor. The helmet goes in the top dispenser. The shoes in the bottom dispenser. The leggings in the right dispenser. The chestplate in the left dispenser.

Step 5: Optional

This step is optional put a item frame on each of the the dispencer. On the bottom one put shoes the top one put a helmet the right one put leggings and the left one put a chestplate.

Step 6: How It Works

How it works is when you push the button the armor pops out and gets on you. This is perfect if you have a lot of last minute battles.



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The two ones doesnt work..why?

time to build a hall of armor

Iron man style pretty sick!

Wow does it also work on PC? That's cool. I'll try it.