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Hey guys this instuctable is about a machine that shoots fireworks off automatically if you flip a switch. I came up with this idea because I was sick New Years Eve and could not go out to see fireworks. So I made this. I made it in the Xbox 360 Edition. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need to make this is

56 Dispensers

11 Repeaters

1 Redstone Torch

1 Lever

236 Redsone

At least 56 fireworks (I did 56 full stacks because I was in creative)

Optional Stuff For your Chairs

16 Stairs (I did quarts)

12 half slabs (I did quarts)

1 random block

Step 2:

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First place your dispensers. 14 for each row. And place them every other block. 4 rows forming a square make sure the dispensers are facing out of the square. Then run Redstone along the inside of the square. But not connecting to the Dispensers yet.

Step 3:

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Now go along and put a Redstone dust at each dispenser to connect them.

Step 4:

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Now follow the picture and break a piece of Redstone unconnecting it. Now lead a row of redstone into the square about 6 long. (now build what you are in picture 3) first 1 block and a Redstone Torch on the front of it.and Redstone infront of the torch. Then on the left side of the block place 2 repeaters and redstone leading to the back of the block it should start to blink. Then put a lever on the top and flip it.

Step 5: Optional

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Now this step is optional. It is just for looks. So place 12 of your stairs one every other block. Then place a half slab infront of each one. Now you can also place 2 stairs straight then also 1 on each side that is sideways.

Step 6:

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Now put your fireworks in the the dispensers. And when you are ready just flip the switch. I hope you enjoyed this instrucable. Don't forget to vote.


The Awesome Inventor (author)2015-01-12

AWESOME!! New Years eve in minecraft! Great instructable!!


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