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Hi Guys and Gals! This is an instructable on how to make a drawer,(small) a hoop thingy for basketball, and a punching bag! IT IS SUPER DUPER EASY!!!!!!!! (Just saying)
So yeahhhh lets get started! ;)

Step 1: Drawer! the Materials-

Picture of Drawer! the Materials-

So the things you'll need are:

1. 1 wooden plank
2. 1 sign

Step 2: Place the Wooden Plank

Picture of Place the Wooden Plank

Step 3: Make the Sign

Picture of Make the Sign

And you are done! ;)

Step 4: Basketball Hoop! the Materials-

Picture of Basketball Hoop! the Materials-

The things you'll need are:

1. 6 glass
2. 3 or 4 fences (your choice)
3. 4 signs

Step 5: Stack Up Three or Four Fences

Picture of Stack Up Three or Four Fences

Step 6: Place 6 Glass

Picture of Place 6 Glass

Step 7: Place Signs

Picture of Place Signs

Step 8: Then Signs on the Side

Picture of Then Signs on the Side


Step 9: Punching Bag! Materials-

Picture of Punching Bag! Materials-

You will need:

1. 2 red wool
2. One oak fence
3. 2 stone brick slabs

Step 10: Place the Two Slabs

Picture of Place the Two Slabs

Step 11: Put the Fence

Picture of Put the Fence

Step 12: Add the Two Wool

Picture of Add the Two Wool

DONE! :)

Step 13: You Are Done!!!!!!!

Picture of You Are Done!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for looking at my instructable!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great time!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!! It would be awesome if you would:

and most important,
3. FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!
I have the goal of having 10 followers!!!! And BTW i mentioned this in my "how to make a celling fan" instructable!!!!!! And also if u do all three then UR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again! :)


iscatchi_uno123 (author)2016-05-12

i made it all yesterday

iscatchi_uno123 (author)2016-05-12

i made it all yesterday

yaptingern (author)2015-04-20

I can tell that u like penguins,MC and soccer

ZiggzaggZebra (author)2015-03-26

Hey u got those furniture from the app MC Furniture

EverythingAbby (author)2015-02-17

I like the drawer! Definitely going to use that next time I play.

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