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Introduction: Minecraft Balloon

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Have you ever wanted a balloon in Minecraft? Well now you can! :D

What you need:

1. An animal of your choice

2. A lead

3. A fence (optional, it's just for display)

4. Minecraft version 1.9

Step 1: Get Your Animal

Just as the title says, get and animal of your choice!

I used a pig as an example.

You can either use a spawn egg, or use /summon Pig

Step 2: The Rope!

Next you need a lead.

Attach it to the animal, by right clicking it while holding the lead.

Step 3: Let It Fly!

After that you need to type this command, /effect @e[type=Pig] minecraft:levitation 500000 1

Make sure you're holding the lead before doing that command! :D

Step 4: Have Fun

Also if you're tired of holding a lead, you can place a fence and right click it with the lead, and your balloon is anchored to the fence! :D

Again, it only works for Minecraft 1.9



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Thanks, sorry for getting back late. xD Like, really late.

I didn't intend for it to have a video, ma'am.

wow I have 1.5??????????????????????????????

Can you make a balloon on an iPhone or iPad, or just on the laptop?

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Well, there's no commands in PE, so only on Minecraft pc or laptop.

Sorry D:

Oh, you should get a account! :D But thanks!

I wish I could try that out, but I don't have Minecraft Pc... So yeah, nice instuctable btw! :)

that's why It's an instructable not a video on youtube

I know but the instructions to make instructable does and I can't watch it so I don't know gow to make one