Introduction: Minecraft Blocks

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Here are some nice wooden minecraft blocks you can make for a low price!

Step 1: Materials

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Grab some 1inch cubes from hobby lobby... Some glue... And a exact A xacto knife! Then download the file with the minecraft designs!

Step 2: Cut

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Cut all the shapes out and be careful to cut along the lines

Step 3: Now Get the Block

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Gather the blocks and get your glue

Step 4: Fold

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Fold the top One on to the top of the block. Then glue.

Step 5: Again

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Do that again with the bottom part and then glue

Step 6: Sides

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Now for the sides. Grab the paper and put it on the side and fold it and repeat for all of the sides. Then glue them

Step 7: Done!

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Now you are done and can repeat to make many!!!

Step 8: Thank You!

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Have fun!

Step 9: Files

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here are the files have fun!


skitcher1101 (author)2017-08-11

What texture pack are the files from?

Nick70587 (author)2014-12-17

That's a great idea. My son likes playing with blocks to make his own playsets. I found some paper minecraft blocks for sale that are 1.5" that I plan on wrapping around wood blocks. Same concept but your way costs less. Good job.

spideroh1 (author)Nick705872014-12-17

Thanks for the feedback! I think i picked up 16 wooden blocks for 5$ at hobby lobby... the 1 inch cubes are great for small playsets... Papercraft mobs and stuff woul;d be great with these!

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