Made this for my girlfriend's son for his birthday. They had already ordered the printed edible Steve when I decided I wanted to "build" a cake. They wanted just a flat cake. BORING. So we compromised.

We used vanilla cake for the sand and spice cake for the dirt. NOTE: Spice cake not good for "building" Next time I would use brownies. Blue jello for the water, M&M's for flowers, and obviously green icing.
The creeper, pig and tree were made from flat craft foam sheets. I used a hole punch to make a quadrillian holes for the tree. It took forever and now I have a baggie full of green foam dots for something later.

Thanks for looking.
Hey I want that cake
Unicornz2 years ago
So cool!!!!
DragonSlaveArmory (author)  Unicornz2 years ago
mikeasaurus2 years ago
That's really well done, thanks for sharing!
DragonSlaveArmory (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Thank you. It is my 2nd cake. I need to upload my angry birds cake. :)