Picture of Minecraft Cardboard Chest
In this instructable I will show you how to make a simple Minecraft 'chest' as seen in the popular video game Minecraft out of paper and cardboard. 

Gather the materials 
You will need:
   Cardboard (just a little bit will do)
   Thinner cardboard (like the kind found in cereal boxes).
   A printer filled with paper
   Hot glue gun
   Pencil or pen
   A computer
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Step 1: Printing the sides and cutting them out

Picture of Printing the sides and cutting them out
For this you will need the computer and the printer. Go to http://minecraftpapercraft.com/papercraft/4f1bba3bcb1c433c040000a2/giant-chest
and print the template listed there. Then cut each shape out along the lined so your chest will look nice later. Ignore the folding tabs. The three long skinny strips and one of the large unsplit panels will go into making the lid as well as the latch piece; separate them once they are cut out. The 3 slightly larger panels and another large unsplit piece make up the lower half. Cut the lone large panel along the middle of the split and place the smaller half with the lid stack and the larger piece with the body stack.  

Step 2: Making the cardboard pieces

Picture of Making the cardboard pieces
Place each paper cutout on the cardboard and trace around them slowly as not to mess up and ruin the entire chest. If there is ONE stray line, the cardboard will not glue together correctly and the entire chest will be lopsided and you will ultimately FAIL. FOREVER. So trace carefully please. Once all of the pieces are traced cut them out one by one and sort them into the original piles of body and lid.

Step 3: Gluing it all together

Picture of Gluing it all together
Take one of the piles of cardboard and glue them together. You will want to glue the sides of the chest/lid along the sides of the top/bottom large pieces like the picture below. Large gaps will be created but we will address that later. Re enforce the sides with glue for extra strength for now. Once you have glued together the top and the bottom you will be ready to move along to the next step.
oreoosmar23 days ago

Cool but you could Just use a shoe box anyway nice job!????????✔️✔️✔️?

Well done!!! Keep it up