Introduction: Minecraft Commands

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Using commands is a big part of Minecraft. If you are feeling kind of bored of just building things in creative and trying to suvive in suvival why don't you start using commands and or making and viewing command block creations.

Step 1: Cheats on 1

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One thing you have to make sure is on is cheats. When you start a new world, click on the More world options button.

Step 2: Cheats on 2

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Next you click the Cheats button and when you do it should say Allow cheats: on.

Step 3: Easy Commands

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So now you have cheats on and you are ready to start.

This step shows you the easier kins of commands.


1: the give command

/give [your username] minecraft:[item you want]

Remember if your item is 2 words you have to put an underscore ( _ ) instead of a space.


2: The gamemode command

/gamemode [gamemode you want]

possible gamemodes:

0: survival (/gamemode 0)

1: creative (/gamemode 1)

2: adventure (/gamemode 2)

3: spectator (can fly through blocks) (/gamemode 3)


3: XP command

/xp [XP amount]


4: the time command

/timeset day/night

sets the time to day or night.

Step 4: Medium Commands

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The following commands are harder but also better.

1: Setblock command 1

/setblock ~[how many blocks x you want it] ~[how many blox up you want it] ~[how many blocks z you want it] [block you want to be placed]


/setblock ~0 ~0 ~0 glowstone

sets a block at your feet


2: Setblock 2

/setblock [x coordinate] [y coordinate] [z coordinate] [block of choice]


/setblock 10 2 4 glowstone


3: Telaporting command

/tp [x, y, z] coordinates


/tp 10 2 4


/tp ~10 ~2 ~4


Step 5: Hard Commands

Ok you think you are an expert at commands


ivano1223 (author)2016-01-12

it didnt work for me

MakersClub (author)ivano12232016-02-27

Did you remember the forward slash?

AnsisG (author)2016-02-24

I'm got minecraft 1.8.8

MakersClub (author)AnsisG2016-02-27

Commands work in Minecraft 1.8.

Codingpro Industries (author)2015-12-30

wow wow

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