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Introduction: Minecraft Cookies

About: Creative sweets made simple. Learn how to easily make cake pops, cookies, and decorated sweets at sugarkissed.net. Are you ready for sweet inspiration?

If your kids love Minecraft, they'll flip over these Minecraft cookies!

Step 1: How to Make Minecraft Pig Cookies

To make pig cookies, you will need:
  • Cookies made from your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut using a square cookie cutter
  • Icing made from your favorite royal icing recipe in dark pink, medium pink, light pink, black, and white (I used 12-count consistency icing for all the steps in this tutorial. If you need help with icing color or consistency, check out the How To Make Royal Icing section of 101 Essential Cookie Decorating Resources.)
  • A food coloring marker in any color
  • Icing bags or bottles, couplers, and tips (I used a #2 tip for all the steps in this tutorial.)

Step 2:

Start by using a food coloring marker to draw straight lines breaking each cookie up into eight rows and eight columns. This will give you 64 squares to fill with icing.

Using your printed template as a guide, fill in all of the squares labeled with the #1 with black royal icing. Before icing, you may want to mark the squares with your food coloring marker to help prevent mistakes. Complete this step on all of your pig Minecraft cookies and let the icing dry somewhat before moving on to the next color.

Step 3:

Repeat these steps for each of the additional four colors you are using on your pig cookies. Let the royal icing dry completely (preferably overnight) before stacking or packaging your cookies.

Step 4:

No Minecraft party is complete without Steve and a few Creepers! So, head on over to Part 1 of How To Make Minecraft Cookies to complete your Minecraft cookie set.

For more creative sweets made simple, visit sugarkissed.net or stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.



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    I Make These Cookies All The Time. I ALWAYS Make Cookies For My Friends. Coodos To You For Saying To Just Choose Your Favorite Recipe

    so creative of you to make these cookies!

    Those little morsels look beautiful and delicious at the same time. I'm excited about making them soon.

    Just made these for my daughters bake sale; can't figure out how to post picture from cell phone.

    wow yummy

    COOL can have one? They look GOOD

    Cool. I luv baking too and these are yummy and simple.

    If you do, I hope we get to see what you create!