Minecraft Cottage


Introduction: Minecraft Cottage

This Instructable is about how to build a medium sized Minecraft cottage. It is not very difficult to build.

Step 1: Laying Out the Floor Plan

Begin by getting your materials. The four main materials that you will need are wool, spruce logs, cobblestone, and spruce planks.

Then, set out a floor plan as shown in Picture 2, where floors are filled in with spruce planks and walls are made with wool and divided into panels by spruce logs.

Step 2: The Fireplace

At the edge of the living room furthest from the entry, replace some of the floor with cobblestone as shown in Picture 1. Add cobblestone and dig a hole as shown in Picture 2. Fill in the hole with netherrack. Set it on fire using flint and steel. Build an arch above the flames and put iron bars in front as shown in Picture 5.

Step 3: Building Up the Walls and Ceiling

Next, build the wall shown in Picture 1 around the entrance. Build up walls made of wool and spruce logs with large windows as shown in Picture 2. There should be a border of spruce logs around the top. Then, add a layer of wood and spruce logs as shown in Picture 4 and add a wool ceiling at that height.

Step 4: Furnishings

Each room should have four glowstone lamps, one for each corner. (A glowstone lamp is made by placing a glowstone block, placing and closing trapdoors all around it and then sticking a slab underneath) The kitchen should have a crafting table and furnace with a carpet countertop and cupboards made by chests on top of slabs as in Picture 3. The dining/living room should have a table made out of slabs, stairs, and carpet as shown in Picture 4, and chairs made from stairs. The bedroom should have a bed and some decorations, maybe some flowers.

Step 5: The Roof

Begin the roof by building up gables on the house as shown in Pictures 1-4. Extend the cobblestone of the fireplace upward so that it becomes a chimney as in Pictures 4 and 5, and add a plume of smoke made from cobwebs. Build supports for the roof as shown in Pictures 6 and 7. Then extend those supports out one block from the gables as in Picture 8. Add stairs and slabs on those supports as shown in Pictures 9-14. Then add spruce fence to the gables as shown in Picture 15.

Step 6: Landscaping

Now make a rustic path leading away from the house. Next to the door, build blocks with trapdoors on all sides and flower pots with poppies in them as shown in Picture 4. Then place one sapling on each side of the path (but pretty far apart), and build a ring of slabs around the blocks just above the saplings. (See Picture 7) Then right click with bone meal until the saplings grow into trees. Destroy the rings and place rosebushes along the path. You have now finished building the cottage.



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    Awesome!!! I'm gonna try and make it as soon as Minecraft finishes updating. (2 1/2 hours!) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    2 replies

    You're welcome! I hope you have fun!

    Mine takes forever to update! Talk about pain in the butt! ;\

    Looks cool! Like I said, watch Grian on YouTube his tips are amazing! Maybe you could bring out the borders like in the previous house. connected textures in Minecraft (2 different textures next to each other) look ugly.

    4 replies

    It's getting better! Apart from the roof. I'm sorry but it doesn't have a very good end to it. Also, try replacing the black wool with dark oak logs to contrast the texture. that will open you up to more opportunity when detailing it :D Also, is there a particular theme to this house?

    I was planning on turning it into a haunted house, but after I finished building it I didn't want to change it.

    Another way to change up the texture is to replace all that grey wool with stone and randomly include gravel and andesite. it breaks up the texture and makes the build more interesting :) You should make a copy of that world, try all my suggestions on that house and compare them. I'm not saying I will always be better, im just trying to help you become a top-end builder!

    And the roof, definitely watch grians tutorial for that. It helps a ton! Your roof is a standard, normal roof. The roof makes a much bigger difference to a build than you'd expect. Good luck and whenever you get stuck I'm happy to help!

    Nice! I recommend bringing the wooden framing round the outside 1 block diagonal out of the wall. it adds more depth. And any corners or ends cover in trapdoors. Great build :D

    1 reply

    That's a good idea!

    Here's a picture of how that turned out: